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Babyville PUL Waterproof Seam Sealing Tape

Babyville PUL Waterproof Seam Sealing Tape

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Babyville Boutique Seam Sealing Tape completely seals stitching holes in PUL and prevents leaking. Use for diapers, wet bags and any other application on PUL where an absolutely waterproof seam is desired. 

An Organza or Non-Stick Pressing Cloth is recommended for application.

  • DO NOT iron directly over laminate side of PUL without a pressing cloth.
  • Set iron to Wool setting.
  • Trim PUL seam to 1/4" then smooth seam over to one side.
  • Place tape over stitching and edges of PUL shiny side down; make sure tape covers both stitching and edges of PUL.
  • Place pressing cloth over tape and iron for 5 seconds. Lift pressing cloth. Tape should be completely bonded and adhered in all areas to the PUL. If needed, repress with pressing cloth.

Click here to watch how to apply this tape.

PUL items sealed with Seam Sealing Tape can be machine washed with laundry detergent and dried on low heat. 

NOTE: If in doubt which side of tape is the adhesive "shiny" side, test on a small scrap of PUL. Always use an organza or non-stick pressing sheet, do NOT iron directly over PUL surfaces to bond the Seam Sealing Tape to PUL.

 Package contains 1 one strip: 1" x 8 yards (2.5cm x 7.3m)