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Pop Up Store - Friday, May 24 from 9am - 3pm

Pop Up Store - Friday, May 24 from 9am - 3pm

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Well, it's kind of like an "invisible" Pop Up....what we mean by this is that we will be letting you - YES YOU, YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR NEIGHBOURS - come INSIDE the warehouse of 36,000+ items and roam the aisles 'til your hearts content.

This is a very special opportunity because the general public is not normally allowed inside the warehouse! But on this ONE SPECIAL DAY, you will be welcomed in with open arms and can shop under I'm Sew Happy. We have shopping carts and baskets available so you don't need to worry about how you're going to hold all your wonderful treasures! We'll even have some special items on sale - just for you!!

We want to see everyone - so don't be shy in taking whomever you want to this ONE DAY EVENT!! The more the merrier - plus they can help cover for you when your husband asks "Is that all for you?!" Ha Ha!