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Hi, I’m Rita, Chief Sew-and-Sew here at I’m Sew Happy.

My sewing dream started back in the day when I was around 9-10 years old. Just like  an idyllic scene from a movie I sat on the edge of our patio, the warm summer evening breeze gently blowing and I was moving my sewing needle in and out of the fabric in the most novice of ways – but it was holding the pieces together and I was sewing! I remember feeling SEW proud of the little velvet ensemble I created.

Fast forward to high school and my need to sew continued to grow and flourish. I remember my mother telling me I should go outside and enjoy the warm weather but I was so content sitting in our sewing room making new clothes to wear. Occasionally, I even brought my machine over to my boyfriend’s house on the weekend because…well…..I REALLY LOVE TO SEW. I mean I REALLY LOVE TO SEW!! It calms me down, it offers me peaceful meditation when I get into that groove, it literally soothes my soul.

Then came the time for me to spread my wings (and my fabric stash) and move out. I would tape sewing shows while I was at work to watch later on my VCR….remember the good ol’ days of VCR?!

Then came the kids….not only was I excited to be a mom BUT it gave me another excuse to sew. I made all their clothes until that was no longer cool in their eyes ….*cue the eye roll. Sew be it I thought and I found my passion in quilting which is where Kootenay Custom Quilting was born. Surrounded by all things sewing and quilting I dived in head first to create unique quilts for people to help heal their hearts and soul. It was from there that I wanted to expand into this new business venture because I love sewing so much and all the gadgets out there to make the task that much easier.

Thanks to my lifelong passion for the art of sewing and extensive experience, I pride myself on having a keen eye for new and exciting products and technologies. This has lead me here today to the home of “I’m Sew Happy”. A place where I get to share all my knowledge and new products with you at an affordable price.