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Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork
Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork

Revised Patchwork Minus Mathwork

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Easily stitch up a patchwork quilt with the Patchwork Minus Mathworkquilting book. Perfectly match your DIY style with a beautiful patchwork quilt -- without having to do math!

Revised version includes quilting charts for using precut fabric like jelly rolls and fat quarters!

Sometimes making a quilt can feel like a lot of questions: What size quilt do I want to make? How much fabric should I buy? What sort of border do I want to use to make a quilt? It can be a little overwhelming.

Don't worry -- Patchwork Minus Mathwork answers all those questions and more! Find over 70 charts for quilting instructions that will help you plan a quilt and figure out fabric yardage ... without having to do the math! How delightful is that?

An additional 40+ illustrations are included in this revised, must-have 50 page quilting book!